She is like a book in which one can read of sadness and happiness, of adventure, of success and failure.

   One can read of these in the laughter that rang in her heart and in the light of knowledge which shone from her eyes.   One can read of these in the faces of her sons and daughters who have gone out to build and serve a community and to help to preserve a nation.

   She has stood through great wars and depressions, through lean times and prosperous times, but the grand old lady is no more.   She can no longer nurture her students.   The cherry blossoms have faded from her cheeks.   Her spirit, however, will never die.   It will live on in the future as it has in the past.  Even though her grand Victorian beauty has been transformed into a contemporary style, she will always be "Dear Old High."

   We, her final graduating class, together with the thousands of her other loyal sons and daughters, pledge our faithfulness to her - our Alma Mater.

   It is then, with the deepest gratitude and affection that we, the graduating class of 1960, lovingly dedicate this yearbook to Wilmington High School - "May we ever faithful be."

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